The Bee Partners Bench is a formal, weaponized advisor network of 200+ eminent thought leaders, operators, entrepreneurs, and corporate service providers who build upon Bee Partners’ tribal knowledge and empower our unexpected partnership.

Our give to the Bench is a window into innovation and access to the ecosystem(s) driving the future economy. We pledge unique, high-level access to our portfolio and to Team Bee, and will support your involvement with structure, templates, and data. If you are ever looking for board seats, investment opportunities, advisor roles, or full employment, this is a great network for you.  If you are seeking specific innovations or are working on something in particular, we can support your thinking and help attract resources.

In return we ask only that you remain curious and have a world-positive view of the future. We also hope you believe, as we do, that Machines Will Win . We welcome proactive portfolio involvement and will use a combination of Team Bee curation and self-selecting when matching you to our companies. We hope you’ll want to share deal flow and expect you to say “no” sometimes.

If you would like to apply to join the Bee Bench please let us know!
We’d love to hear your story!