Machines Will Win: A Portfolio Company Responds

In Q4 2018, the Team Bee joined forces to write an important treatise, a summary of our beliefs and knowledge about the state of technology and humans, and to explain the critical role of our investment thinking in the future that is upon us. 

The resulting manifesto is on our website. Machines Will Win describes a reality from which there is no turning back: The machines of technology are evolving faster than humans. The future we make, the problems we solve, the opportunities we create will derive less from the human ability to harness machines than from trusting the abilities of the machines that people like Bee Partners' Founders will create.

When we first shared Machines Will Win with our portfolio’s Founders, Rachel Taylor and David Rauschenbach, co-Founders of Nubix, wrote a brilliant and concise response explaining how their technology matches Machines Will Win thinking. You can read their thoughts here.

We share their response as one example of the deep philosophical compatibility between Bee Partners and our portfolio that drives investment success. 

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