Patience Pays Dividends: Four Recent Success Stories

Neither venture investing nor startup is for the faint of heart. A lot of people think that’s because of the spectacular rises and falls we read about in the headlines (electric scooters! ICOs!), and there is a certain roller-coaster aspect to the squiggly line that is entrepreneurship.

But the real test we’ve discovered is about patience. Phenomenal patience for the plain and simple work that needs to be done every day when you’re building a foundational company.

It’s our privilege to support the brilliant, hardworking makers who lead Bee portfolio companies through their daily paces and stay out of the sensational and distracting headlines. They make incredible progress building success in their verticals and moving toward truly changing the world (no, really).

Their hard work and progress also augur significant return for the LPs who have joined us in supporting them.

In the past, we’ve shared successes with you from Skycatch, TubeMogulBuildingConnected, and Tradesy. Here are four more examples of recent progress in the portfolio, each company on the cusp of accelerated growth at scale.

unnamed (1).png

Real-time analytics to transform battery data

Six months ago. Two words: Promising and brainy. The company had promising engagements with large enterprises and a brainy emphasis toward lab thinking.

Today. Big-name clients increasing in volume and number, expanding Voltaiq’s global presence. New product innovations to future-proof the offering.

The world after Voltaiq. Consumers will have a stronger perception of battery safety and reliability. Commercial and industrial systems will experience lower friction and lowered cost through predictability.

Influencer marketing platform for brands

Six months ago. One-product pony with financing risk and customer concentration. Encouraging progress but in a highly competitive market.

Today. Three of the top 10 brands in the world use Sideqik, with more to come.

The world after Sideqik. Right now, 32 percent of internet users have ad-blocking software. Great for the browsing experience but an absolute sinkhole for billions of ad dollars. In the world after Sideqik, big brands’ messages will be carried via the trusted emissary of the influencer directly to the end user.

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Building LinkedIn for the local economy

Six months ago. Small employers and Bay Area job seekers loved it, but its scale was limited.

Today. Available nationwide, with large employers adopting the product.

The world after Localwise. For employers, their selection of talent improves through better data and filtering. For employees, “job-hopping” gets radically reinterpreted as a linear narrative of related experiences pointed toward success.

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Managing data and facilitating access to accelerate the clinical trials process     

Six months ago. Users numbered ~1,000 across cancer hospitals and researchers. Not bad, but a lack of network density and sponsor usage threatened company growth.

Today. 3,000 research teams, one out of every five cancer researchers, and 600 studies are on the platform. That’s right: one out of five cancer researchers.

The world after Florence. In a future when all cancer trials use Florence, a 30 percent increase in clinical trial studies will be possible. There’s no telling how many thousands of patient lives could be saved by the data efficiency.

We’re excited to imagine the world Bee portfolio companies are hard at work making. It’s a world less reliant on fossil fuels. One where companies redirect ad dollars to better use, where job hunters find great jobs faster and through their community, and where clinical trials are accelerated. And that’s just four examples out of more than 50 portfolio companies.

Do you have connections in large OEMs that rely on batteries, brands worth $1B+, employers desperate for talent, and/or pharmaceutical companies engaging in clinical trials? Get in touch and we will connect you to our hardworking Founders. Hit reply, email me at, or call me at (415) 519-4707.